Zimbabwe Endometriosis Support Network (ZESN)

BitFlex FinTech is committed to empowering vulnerable women from various communities in Zimbabwe by creating financial security through crypto.

Our first community is ZESN (Zimbabwe Endometriosis Support Network).
The ZESN community will enable beneficiaries with Endometriosis to save, invest, purchase medical necessities and lighten the financial burden they experience as result of their condition.

Financial instability contributes significantly to ones mental health, well-being and ability to under take the provider and care giver roles that many women have in society. The BitFlex FinTech communities exist to lighten this burden and enable women to become self reliant.

Fund a Childs Education Zimbabwe (F.A.C.E.Z)

The F.A.C.E.Z Through Crypto Education Fund By BitFlex FinTech project was birthed as a measure to reduce the number of children resorting to life on the streets due to economic hardship.

The F.A.C.E.Z Through Crypto project is approved and registered with the ministry of education and works with relevant government and community stakeholders to meet its goals.

In Partnership with ImpactMarket, F.A.C.E.Z aims to fund 500 children’s education by December 2021 through Crypto utilizing the Celo Blockchains $cUSD Stable coin.

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