Digital Asset Fund

Differentiated, actively managed, long exposure to the rapidly evolving digital asset sector through a high conviction portfolio of liquid digital assets across both large and smaller cap opportunities and flexibility to invest in select early-stage, illiquid, financing rounds.

Flex Ðigital Asset Management


Min Investment

Monthly inflows, 12 month lock-up, monthly liquidity thereafter

One of the worlds best-performing long-only funds

Track record of managing the Fund through significant market volatility and delivering material market outperformance.

Industry insight and experience

Industry connectivity built over four years of investing and community participation provides unique industry insight and access to early-stage and small-cap opportunities our peers do not find.

Four years of performance

Four-year track record of finding differentiated, under-priced future leaders of the sector to deliver return outperformance.

Signature strategy and accountability

Leverages DACM Infrastructure to amplify returns by participating in protocol consensus as well as other return-enhancing strategies developed by the DACM Team.

Portfolio highlights

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