The Bitcoin blockchain from space. No internet required.

The Blockstream Satellite network transmits the Bitcoin blockchain across the world for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, safeguarding against network outages and allowing people in locations where there are no stable internet connections to utilize Bitcoin.



Long: 37.5W
Band: Ku
Freq: 11480.70 MHz
Pol: Horizontal

Why Satellite?

Internet Not Required

The Bitcoin blockchain is broadcast by satellite to the whole earth, decreasing Bitcoin’s need for internet connectivity. This makes Bitcoin accessible to everyone on the planet.

Cost Savings

Individuals may now get blocks for free thanks to the removal of pricing restrictions, allowing more people to use Bitcoin and participate in the Bitcoin network.

Network Stability

The Satellite is a backup way for obtaining the Bitcoin blockchain that is unaffected by connection loss. This protects users from network outages and ensures that no whole node is isolated or partitioned.

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